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Francesca Arici

Francesca Arici was awarded a Phd in mathematical physics from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste in 2015. In her thesis, she studied noncommutative analogues of principal circle bundles and their topological invariants, like K- theory and K-homology.

She is interested in the geometry of noncommutative algebras defined by generators and relations, like quantum group deformations of classical compact spaces and C*-algebras associated to graphs and dynamical systems. Her guiding principle is finding geometric, bundle theoretic interpretations of these analytical objects, in view of possible applications to mathematical physics.

One of her biggest passions is making mathematical research achievements accessible to the general public. At the MPI MiS she works as social media and science relation officer with part-time research duties. She is also an active member of the association European Women in Mathematics (EWM).

August 14, 2018


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