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Giulia Codenotti

Giulia Codenotti works in the areas of discrete, combinatorial and convex geometry. In particular, she enjoys thinking about lattice and non-lattice polytopes and triangulations and subdivisions of these, and loves learning about the various ways these come up in different areas of mathematics, like toric geometry or combinatorial optimization.

MPI MiS is a hub for many of the topics she loves, and she has enjoyed its hospitality both as an attendee of talks, as a speaker in the Nonlinear Algebra Seminar, and as an organizer of the Graduate Student Meeting in Applied Algebra and Combinatorics. She looks forward to visiting again, but for now, she is happy to participate in the online NASO seminar!

Giulia enjoys many things other than polytopes: climbing, hiking, generally being outdoors, and many activities centered around good food: trying new restaurants, traveling to countries with awesome cuisines, cooking, and recently, growing vegetables on her balcony.

May 22, 2020

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