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Julia Struwe

Julia Struwe is a student of Mathematics and Computer Science at Leipzig University and she is writing her diploma thesis about double translation surfaces that were introduced by Sophus Lie. At the Mathematical Institute of Leipzig University, she works as an academic assistant in a project to catalog the historical collection of mathematical models from the nineteenth century. Since October she is a guest researcher at MPI MiS.

In a team under the guidance of Prof. Sturmfels, they discovered the modern approach to Lie’s surfaces and submitted a paper called “Theta Surfaces”. Julia is interested in such interdisciplinary subjects that link areas like differential geometry, algebraic geometry, computation, and history of math. At the moment she is exploring options to deal with theta surfaces algorithmically.

Julia attended lectures and conferences at MPI MiS and enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere. In her free time, she likes hiking, doing sports and singing in a choir. Before she started with mathematics, she studied contemporary puppetry and worked at the theater.

May 4, 2020

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