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Kaie Kubjas

Kaie Kubjas is an assistant professor at Aalto University in Finland.

She is interested in the applications of algebraic geometry to statistics and biology. She also works on the special matrix and tensor decompositions. Specifically, she is fascinated by decompositions whose components are nonnegative, positive semidefinite, or lie in a vector subspace.

Kaie visited MPI Leipzig in 2017 for the Workshop Interactions Between Algebra and the Sciences and for the Reading Group on Real Algebraic Geometry. Recently she collaborated with Alex Heaton and Stefana Sorea from MPI Leipzig on the project “Exact Solutions in Log-Concave Maximum Likelihood Estimation”.

In her free time, Kaie goes climbing, practices bodybalance, plays board games and listens to audiobooks.

July 20, 2020

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