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Katharina Jochemko

My name is Katharina Jochemko. I work as an assistant professor at KTH in Stockholm and I am currently a Hanna Neumann Fellow of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center Math+. Prior to joining KTH I held postdoctoral positions at TU Vienna, KTH and the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley. I obtained my PhD in mathematics at FU Berlin as a Hilda Geiringer Scholar of the Berlin Mathematical School.

My research interests lie in geometric and algebraic combinatorics, discrete and convex geometry as well as their interactions. My favorite objects are polytopes and polyhedra which arise in various guises in many areas, for example, algebra, combinatorics, optimization, and data science.

In my free time I love being outdoors and hiking, in particular, in the north of Scandinavia. I also enjoy swimming, playing board games and baking.




May 24, 2022

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