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Lara Bossinger

Lara Bossinger completed her PhD in Mathematics under Peter Littelmann’s supervision at the University of Cologne in July 2018. In her thesis, Lara studied toric degenerations and Newton-Okounkov bodies from various points of view. Her research includes representation theory, tropical geometry, and the theory of cluster algebras.

Laura very much enjoys collaborating with different people and has projects of diverse topics. For example, a recent joint work with Charles Wang and Fatemeh Mohammadi deals with toric degenerations for Grassmannians from plabic graphs. During the Summer School on Numerical Computing in Algebraic Geometry at MPI MiS, she embarked on a new project with Daniele Agostini, Mandy Cheung and Charles Wang in which they study Gross-Siebert theta functions numerically and compare to classical Riemann theta functions.

After a short postdoc in the Nonlinear Algebra group at MPI MiS in Leipzig, she will move to Oaxaca, Mexico for a longer postdoc to work with Alfredo Najera Chavez, Mandy Cheung, and Tim Magee on mirror symmetry for cluster varieties.

August 23, 2018


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