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Marzieh Eidi

Marzieh Eidi was born and brought up in Tehran, Iran. She had the privilege of learning math from some of the best Iranian mathematicians in Alzahra and Sharif Universities and IPM Institute. She moved to Germany for her PhD studies under the supervision of professor Jürgen Jost at MPI MiS.

Although she is fascinated by the beauty of pure mathematics and specifically topology and geometry, in the past few years she has become highly interested in the linkage between different areas of math and their connection with applied subjects. One of her desire is to use these pure tools to tackle some applied questions and explore and expand the boundaries of these interactions.

Currently, she is working on some discrete curvature notions which have proved themselves as a powerful tool for data analysis and also have a profound connection to machine learning. Simultaneously, she is collaborating with some of the MPI scientists to apply these tools as a part of systematic analysis of chemical reaction networks.

Outside math, physics and astronomy are Marzieh's main scientific interests. Boating in Leipzig rivers and walking in it’s beautiful nature has been among her new joyful experiences of non-math part of her life in Germany.

August 20, 2019

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