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Michael Borinsky

My name is Michael Borinsky, I am a researcher and work as an advanced fellow at the interdisciplinary Institute for Theoretical Studies at the ETH Zürich. My research is centered around quantum field theory, which is the mathematical language in which the laws of nature at the smallest scales are formulated. I use modern mathematical tools to enhance the physical understanding and expressiveness of this theory, but also applies it to answer questions in purely mathematical contexts as for instance in topology or combinatorics.

My connection to Leipzig started due to a surprisingly common phenomenon: structures that are entirely motivated and studied from a physics point of view turn out to have interesting applications in mathematics. In the case that brought me to Leipzig, the mathematics of Feynman integrals that are of central importance for the description of elementary particle processes, turned out to have a completely unexpected application in the mathematics of probabilities.

Besides doing physics and mathematics, I like running, hiking, reading big novels and modern art. An extra perk of my common research trips is that I often get the chance to visit another museum.


March 14, 2022

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