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Pedro Tamaroff

Pedro Tamaroff will join the Nonlinear Algebra group as a postdoctoral fellow for the period of May-September 2021. He obtained his Licenciatura en Ciencias Matemáticas (2017) from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Buenos Aires, writing his thesis under the direction of Mariano Suárez--Álvarez. During his stay there, he participated actively in the homological algebra seminar of the Department, headed by Andrea Solotar, and still participates in it to this day. There, he developed a liking for representation theory, Hopf algebras, deformation theory and Hochschild cohomology.

After his time in Buenos Aires, he worked on his PhD in the School of Mathematics of Trinity College Dublin, under the supervision of Vladimir Dotsenko, who he met in Buenos Aires in 2016. While the themes he worked on during his Tesis de Licenciatura orbited around using homological algebra to understand certain algebraic structures arising from the combinatorial species of A. Joyal, during his PhD studies he became interested in algebraic operads and higher structures, and in studying the rich interplay of rewriting theory and other effective tools with the homological and homotopical algebra of operads and their algebras. After his stay at our institute, he will work as a postdoc in the Institute of Mathematics of Humboldt Universität, in the research group of Gaëtan Borot.

In his free time, he enjoys dancing, singing and folding origami models, learning how to bake viennoiseries and reading about the art of typography.

March 24, 2021

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