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Rosa Winter

Rosa Winter is currently finishing her PhD at Leiden University in The Netherlands, and she will start a 16-month postdoc at MPI MiS in September.

During her PhD, she studied configurations of lines and density of rational points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1. Besides this, she is working on a project on K3 surfaces and their elliptic fibrations, and a project on graphs and tropical geometry. She likes problems in arithmetic geometry because she can visualize the problem and draw pictures to see what is going on. But she also enjoys learning new areas of mathematics, specifically intersections between different types of mathematics, like Tropical Geometry or Algebraic Statistics. That is why she is very excited to start at MPI MiS and expand her knowledge and collaborate with people there.

Besides math, Rosa likes to dance, play music, read, and be outside. She is looking forward to living so close to the lakes in Leipzig!

June 22, 2020

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