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Samantha Fairchild

Samantha Fairchild did her PhD (2021) and Masters (2018) at the University of Washington advised by Jayadev Athreya. At our institute she is working with Paul Breiding as an Emmy Noether Postdoctoral Researcher.

She enjoys working with math where she can draw pictures. Her research thus far has used dynamical, geometric, algebraic, and analytic techniques to study translation surfaces. Translation surfaces are a collection of polygons in the plane with parallel sides identified by translation to form a surface with a singular Euclidean structure. Understanding the geometry and behavior of flows on translations surfaces and their moduli spaces is a rich research area filled with mathematicians of all backgrounds. In particular she works on understanding counting and pair correlations for the set of closed geodesics on translation surfaces.

In her free time Samantha loves the outdoors and animals. So, she can usually be found horseback riding, hiking with her partner Max, or hanging out with her two cats.

March 15, 2021

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