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Sandra Di Rocco

Sandra Di Rocco is a professor of mathematics and dean of the faculty of engineering sciences at KTH, Stockholm.

Her research interest is in projective geometry and its implications in combinatorial and numerical algebraic geometry. It all boils down to solving polynomial systems. Can the combinatorics and algebra of its monomials give some answers? Can properties of the embedding of the resulting variety in the ambient projective space have a useful numerical description? The best description of the variety is by visualization, how can we efficiently choose (real) points on or nearby the variety (sampling/cloud data) in order to reconstruct its shape? These are some of the basic natural questions that have led to her curiosity and research work.

Even if she is passionate about her research and she wishes she could devote much more time to it, she is getting more and more engaged in managing roles at KTH. She discovering more and more how much fun can come not only from doing math but also from preaching about its (and all science) importance.

The Max Planck Institute in Leipzig is growing into a European focal point for applied algebraic geometry and thus an important research partner for KTH and for herself.

When she is not a mathematician and dean, she is a mom, a wife, a good friend and a runner (pretty much in that order).

April 16, 2020

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