Research group in Nonlinear Algebra

Bernd Sturmfels

Contact: Email
+49 (0) 341 - 9959 - 750

Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Administrative Assistant:
Saskia Gutzschebauch
Email, Phone/Fax:
+49 (0) 341 - 9959
- 752
- 658


Sascha Timme

Sascha Timme is PhD student at TU Berlin under the supervision of Michael Joswig and Bernd Sturmfels.

His research interests lie at the intersection of nonlinear algebra and numerical analysis, in view of applications and computational aspects. Together with Paul Breiding he is developing the software package HomotopyContinuation.jl to find numerical solutions to systems of polynomials.

Sascha visits MPI MiS on a regular basis. During the last semester, he participated to the Introduction to Nonlinear Algebra lecture.

July 18, 2018


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