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Selvi Kara Beyarslan

Selvi Kara Beyarslan is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. She got her PhD in 2017 from Tulane University in New Orleans under the supervision of Tài Huy Hà.

Selvi’s research interests lie in combinatorial commutative algebra and she enjoys working on problems related to minimal free resolutions. Her favorite objects of study are ideals arising from graphs such as edge ideals, toric edge ideals and her favorite invariant is the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity. Her PhD thesis dealt with the asymptotic regularity function of edge ideals.

She recently got interested in symbolic powers of edge ideals. One of the goals she aims to achieve is finding a combinatorial characterization of the symbolic powers of edge ideals in terms of ordinary powers and induced structures of the graph.

She is visiting MPI MiS for the Macaulay2 workshop. The first thing she did after arriving in Leipzig was finding a döner place. When the owner found out she was Turkish, he didn’t even want to charge her!

June 11, 2018


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