Tropical Geometry and Computer Algebra

Marta Panizzut

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Tropical Geometry and Computer Algebra

Tropical geometry is a relative new subject area at the interface between algebraic geometry and combinatorics with exciting applications in biology, optimization, statistics, to name just a few. It provides a framework to degenerate algebraic varieties to polyhedral and combinatorial objects, which can be studied with new and efficient computational methods. Computer algebra provides algorithms (and their implementations) for computations with algebraic structures.

The goal of our group is to build new bridges between tropical and algebraic geometry via computational methods. This involves the study of fundamental problems in tropical geometry, and the use and development of state-of-the-art software.

Group Members

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Panizzut, MartaMarta.Panizzut680F3 14external
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Betti, BarbaraBarbara.Betti821G3 07external
Casabella, LauraLaura.Casabella816G3 05external
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