MPI MIS Phonebook - G

To reach people from the Max Planck Institute by phone you must call +49 (0) 341- 9959 - EXT (for extension see table below).
To send a fax please use +49 (0) 341- 9959 -  658

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updated: 28.09.2023 (01:42:05)

Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeHomepage
Gaisbauer, FelixEmail: Felix.Gaisbauer666---- 
Gajic, DejanEmail: Dejan.Gajic883E2 03 
Garcia Chung, Angel AlejandroEmail: Angel.Garcia666---- 
Gardt, MariusEmail: Marius.Gardt516B3 09 
Gargava, NiharEmail: mpgast50839G2 05 
Garrote López, MarinaEmail: Marina.Garrote769F3 07external
Geiger, AlheydisEmail: Alheydis.Geiger824G3 08group
Gess, BenjaminEmail: Benjamin.Gess954F2 04external
Giardi, MatteoEmail: Matteo.Giardi854D2 01 
Görgen, ChristianeEmail: Christiane.Goergen666----external
Goering, MaxEmail: Max.Goering961F2 08external
González Duque, Anguie XiomaraEmail: Anguie.Gonzalez666---- 
Gregor, JanaEmail: Jana.Gregor650C3 09 
Grötzsch, UlrikeEmail: Ulrike.Groetzsch654D3 01 
Gutzschebauch, SaskiaEmail: Saskia.Gutzschebauch666----group
Gvalani, RishabhEmail: Rishabh.Gvalani735E2 07personal
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