MPI MIS Phonebook - K

To reach people from the Max Planck Institute by phone you must call +49 (0) 341- 9959 - EXT (for extension see table below).
To send a fax please use +49 (0) 341- 9959 -  658

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updated: 28.05.2023 (01:42:54)

Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeHomepage
Kalinin, KonstantinEmail: Konstantin.Kalinin973F2 15 
Karhadkar, KedarEmail: Kedar.Karhadkar666---- 
Kayser, LeonieEmail: Leo.Kayser815G3 05external
Keck, JanisEmail: Janis.Keck543A3 11 
Keiner, FlorianEmail: Florian.Keiner693D3 06 
Khoromskaia, VeneraEmail: Venera.Khoromskaia843G2 08personal
Khoromskij, BorisEmail: Boris.Khoromskij730G2 08personal
Kirchheim, BerndEmail: Bernd.Kirchheim8041G3 02 
Kleinrensing, RainerEmail: Rainer.Kleinrensing608C3 03 
Koch, LukasEmail: Lukas.Koch958F2 06personal
Konarovskyi, VitaliiEmail: Vitalii.Konarovskyi666---- 
Krause, Tabea HeleneEmail: Tabea.Krause723E3 02 
Kriemann, RonaldEmail: Ronald.Kriemann660D3 04 
Krupa, Sam G.Email: Sam.Krupa841G2 06external
Kundu, DebottamEmail: Debottam.Kundu522A3 05external
Kunkel, VanessaEmail: Vanessa.Kunkel616D3 02 
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