MPI MIS Phonebook - S

To reach people from the Max Planck Institute by phone you must call +49 (0) 341- 9959 - EXT (for extension see table below).
To send a fax please use +49 (0) 341- 9959 -  658

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updated: 24.03.2023 (01:42:51)

Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeHomepage
Samal, AreejitEmail: Areejit.Samal666---- 
Santarsiero, PierpaolaEmail: Pierpaola.Santarsiero766F3 06external
Sapozhnikov, ArtemEmail: Artem.Sapozhnikov8023G3 02external
Sattig, GabrielEmail: Gabriel.Sattig837G2 03 
Schiffer, StefanEmail: Stefan.Schiffer728G2 06 
Schinke, HeikoEmail: Heiko.Schinke692D3 06personal, external
Schmidt, BrunoEmail: Bruno.Schmidt581B3 07 
Schneemann, BrittaEmail: Britta.Schneemann704E3 01 
Scholz, KatrinEmail: Katrin.Scholz651D3 08 
Schönfelder, JensEmail: Jens.Schoenfelder668D3 11 
Schwarz, MatthiasEmail: Matthias.Schwarz8025G3 02 
Seccia, LisaEmail: Lisa.Seccia781F3 13external
Seemann, Carsten R.Email: Carsten.Seemann581B3 07personal, external
Sendra Arranz, JavierEmail: Javier.Sendra772F3 10external
Seong, KihoonEmail: Kihoon.Seong955F2 05external
Sevenheck, ChristianEmail: Christian.Sevenheck8042G3 02external
Shehu, ElimaEmail: Elima.Shehu756F3 04external
Sinn, RainerEmail: Rainer.Sinn8026G3 02external
Sonthalia, RishiEmail: Rishi.Sonthalia666----external
Stadler, Peter F.Email: Peter.Stadler558B3 07external
Stadler, Bärbel M. R.Email: Baerbel.Stadler666---- 
Stegemeyer, MaximilianEmail: Maximilian.Stegemeyer666----external
Stevens, AngelaEmail: Angela.Stevens739E2 09 
Sturmfels, BerndEmail: Bernd.Sturmfels750F3 01external
Székelyhidi, LászlóEmail: Laszlo.Szekelyhidi850G2 09 
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