Research Groups

Jürgen Jost

  • Complex systems and their mathematical analysis, in particular in neurobiology and cognition, biology, and economic and social systems
  • Geometric methods, nonlinear analysis, Riemannian and Kähler geometry, calculus of variations, theoretical physics
  • Information theory, dynamical systems, network analysis
  • Philosophy and history of science

Felix Otto

  • Pattern formation, energy landscapes, and scaling laws

Bernd Sturmfels

  • Algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and their applications to optimization, statistics and the life sciences

László Székelyhidi

  • Applied Analysis

Daniele Agostini

  • Max Planck Research Group: Algebraic Geometry

Paul Breiding

  • Emmy Noether Research Group: Numerical and Probabilistic Nonlinear Algebra

Venkat Chandrasekaran

  • Max Planck Sabbatical Award Group: Convexity, Optimization and Data Science

Noémie Combe

  • Minerva Group: Frobenius structures, Operads, Deformation Theory & Applications

Benjamin Gess

  • Max Planck Research Group: Stochastic partial differential equations

Michael Joswig

  • Max Planck Fellow Group: Mathematical Software

Guido Montúfar

  • Max Planck Research Group: Mathematical Machine Learning

Sayan Mukherjee

  • Max Planck Fellow Group: Learning and Inference

Raffaella Mulas

  • Minerva group: Spectral Hypergraph Theory

Matteo Smerlak

  • Sofja Kovalevskaja Group: Structure of Evolution

André Uschmajew

  • Max Planck Research Group: Tensors and Optimization


  • International Max Planck Research School Mathematics in the Science (Cooperation of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and the Department of Physics of the University of Leipzig)
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