Networks and Cooperation


Much of the diverse cooperation with other scientists is coordinated by the visitor programme, i.e. the cooperation with the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach in the Black Forest.

Collaboration ties abroad exist with the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) in Zurich (Switzerland), IHES (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette, France), the Newton Institute in Cambridge (UK), the Courant Institute, New York (USA), and the IMA (Institute for Mathematics and its Applications) in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).

Here is a maybe not yet complete overview. For more information please follow the links.

Research training schools and networks

  • International Max Planck Research School Mathematics in the Sciences at the University of Leipzig
    • Members from the Institute: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Jürgen Jost, Stephan Luckhaus, Felix Otto
    • Homepage
  • PIRE (Partnerships for International Research and Education) "Science at the triple point between mathematics, mechanics and materials science"
    • Members from the Institute: Felix Otto
    • Homepage

Graduate College

  • InterNeuro Graduate College Leipzig: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Cellular Neuroscience (GRK 1097)
    • Members from the Institute: Jürgen Jost, Angela Stevens
    • Homepage
  • Graduate College: Analysis, Geometry and their Interaction with the Natural Sciences (GRK 597)
    • Members from the Institute: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Jürgen Jost, Stephan Luckhaus
    • Homepage

EU projects

  • ODYCCEUS - Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Space
    • Grant number: H2020 - FETPROACT-2016 - 732942
    • Members from the Institute: Eckehard Olbrich, Sven Banisch
    • Homepage

DFG Research Units

  • Analysis and Stochastics in Complex Physical Systems Berlin-Leipzig
    • Members from the Institute: Stephan Luckhaus
    • Homepage

Other Cooperations and Memberships

For other links to mathematical or physical research institutes or resources see our special link page.

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