Research briefs — Providing insights into recent scientific progress

Our institute represents a great variety of research topics that affect current developments both within the natural sciences as well as social and economic life. In our column research briefs MiS scientists are sharing key ideas and giving insights into recent developments of their research.

The ubiquity of linear orders in combinatorics (06.08.2020)

José Alejandro Samper and Alexander Heaton

The spectral theory of hypergraphs (01.05.2020)

Raffaella Mulas and Jürgen Jost

Exploring the Chemical Space (01.05.2020)

Wilmer Leal, Eugenio J. Llanos, Duc H. Luu, Marzieh Eidi, Peter F. Stadler, Guillermo Restrepo, Jürgen Jost

What is curvature? (25.04.2020)

Parvaneh Joharinad and Jürgen Jost

Radical uncertainty and the Corona pandemic (25.04.2020)

David Tuckett (University College London), Lenny Smith (London School of Economics), Gerd Gigerenzer (MPI Human Development, Berlin), Jürgen Jost (MPI Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, & Santa Fe Institute)

14.08.2020, 16:28