Random spatial processes

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Random spatial processes

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Sapozhnikov, ArtemArtem.Sapozhnikov733E2 06personal

Brief description of research

Our research is in probability theory with special emphasis on geometric aspects of random processes on graphs. Particular interests are in phase transitions, critical phenomena, asymptotic laws, self-organization.

Open positions

There are open positions for PhD students and postdocs in our group at the Max-Planck institute. Further information is available here.

Other scientists with interests in probability

Vitalii KonarovskyiEmail9959-772MPI MIS, Group Prof. Otto
Stephan LuckhausEmail9732108

G2 09

University Leipzig, Optimization/ Financial mathematics; MPI MISpersonal
Felix OttoEmail9959-950F2 01MPI MISpersonal
Sergey TikhomirovEmail9959-680

MPI MIS, Group Prof. Otto
Max von RenesseEmail9732130University Leipzig, Mathematical Economics/ Stochasticspersonal
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