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Computational Physical Chemistry and Biophysics Group

21 September 2011
Congratulations to Andrey Frolov for being awarded magna cum laude for his PhD thesis "Ion Interactions with Carbon Nanomaterial Surfaces in Aqueous and Non-aqueous Solutions".
Our very best wishes for continuing success in the coming years!

16 August 2011
Ekaterina Ratkova has been awarded summa cum laude for her PhD thesis "Computational Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties of Organic Molecules in Aqueous Solutions".
Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future in science!

26 April 2011
The article D.S. Palmer and M.V. Fedorov "Computational Drug Discovery - Hydration Behavior of De Novo Designed Pharmaceuticals" has been published at the online portal of G.I.T. Laboratory Journal.

28 February 2011
Our paper D.S. Palmer and M.V. Fedorov "Computational Drug Discovery: Predicting the Hydration Behaviour of De Novo Designed Pharmaceuticals", G.I.T Laboratory Journal, (2011), 1-2, 28-30 has been published in G.I.T magazine.

7 February 2011
The article "Towards a universal method to calculate hydration free energies: a 3D reference interaction site model with partial molar volume correction" S. Palmer, A.I. Frolov, E.L. Ratkova and M.V. Fedorov has been chosen for inclusion in IOP Select reflecting substantial advances or significant breakthroughs in the area of Physics of Condensed Matter.

February 2011
Ekaterina Ratkova has been awarded the second poster price for "Accurate Hydration Thermodynamics Prediction for Organic Molecules by the 1D RISM-SDC Approach" at conference "European Winter School on Physical Organic Chemistry Material Science" in Bressanone, Italy, 30.01 - 04.02.2011. Congratulations!