11th GAMM-Workshop on

Multigrid and Hierarchic Solution Techniques


  A. Almendral  
  M. Bader  
  R. Bank  
  M. Bebendorf  
  S. Beuchler  
  D. Braess  
  C. Douglas  
  L. Grasedyck  
  B. Khoromskij  
  R. Kornhuber  
  B. Krukier  
  U. Langer  
  C. Oosterlee  
  G. Pöplau  
  A. Reusken  
  J. Schöberl  
  M.A. Schweitzer  
  S. Serra Capizzano  
  B. Seynaeve  
  D. Smits  
  O. Steinbach  
  R. Stevenson  
  M. Wabro  
  R. Wienands  
Michael Bader : Total Semicoarsening: Multigrid Methods for Convection Problems

Current multigrid methods that are used to solve convection problems usually use techniques where either the coarse grids (includes AMG methods) or the smoothers are adapted to the flow field. Both approaches can make the parallel implementation of the resulting methods a difficult job. In this talk, we would like to present a method that retains the rectangular structure of the coarse grids, but still uses interpolation and coarse grid operators that are problem- or matrix-dependent. The respective multigrid method is based on total semicoarsening. Total semicoarsening is a coarsening technique that places the coarse grid points not only on the corners of the course grid cells, but also on the faces. The resolution of the course grid points on the faces may be that of the finest grid, but can also be chosen such that a certain balance between the influence of convection and diffusion is achieved. For the 2D and 3D case, we will discuss data structures required for using total semicoarsening grids, and techniques to construct the interpolation and coarse grid operators. Numerical results will be given for some test problems.
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