11th GAMM-Workshop on

Multigrid and Hierarchic Solution Techniques


  A. Almendral  
  M. Bader  
  R. Bank  
  M. Bebendorf  
  S. Beuchler  
  D. Braess  
  C. Douglas  
  L. Grasedyck  
  B. Khoromskij  
  R. Kornhuber  
  B. Krukier  
  U. Langer  
  C. Oosterlee  
  G. Pöplau  
  A. Reusken  
  J. Schöberl  
  M.A. Schweitzer  
  S. Serra Capizzano  
  B. Seynaeve  
  D. Smits  
  O. Steinbach  
  R. Stevenson  
  M. Wabro  
  R. Wienands  
  Cornelius Oosterlee: Multigrid methods for the system of poroelasticity equations

In this paper, we present efficient multigrid methods for the system of poroelasticity equations discretized on a staggered grid. In particular, we compare two different smoothing approaches on efficiency and robustness. One set of smoothing methods is based on the coupled relaxation philosophy. We introduce ``cell-wise'' and ``line-wise'' versions of the coupled smoothers. They are compared with a distributive relaxation, that gives us a decoupled system of equations. It can be smoothed equation-wise with basic iterative methods. All smoothing methods are evaluated for the same poroelasticity test problems in which parameters, like the time step, or the Lam'e coefficients are varied. Some highly efficient methods result, as is confirmed by the numerical experiments.
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