Workshop on

numerical methods for multiscale problems



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  Time   Speaker and Titel
  14:00-14:05   Opening
  14:05-15:05   Arbogast: Two-scale, locally conservative variational multiscale methods for elliptic problem
  15:05-15:20   coffee break
  15:20-15:50   Eck: A finite element method for a two-scale phase field model
  15:50-16:20   Melenk: A two-scale regularity result for elliptic problems with periodic microstructure
  16:20-16:50   Conti: Soft elasticity in nematic elastomers: Analysis and computation
  16:50-17:10   coffee break
  17:10-17:40   Forster: Multiscale problems in micromagnetics
  17:40-18:10   Kruzik: Mesoscopic and macroscopic models of hysteresis in micromagnetics and their numerical treatment

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  Time   Speaker and Titel
  9:00-10:00   Miehe: Homogenization and Microstructure Development in Convex and Non-Convex Solid Materials at Large Strain
  10:00-10:30   coffee break
  10:30-11:00   Hackl: Relaxed potentials and microstructures in damage mechanics
  11:00-11:30   Bartels: Reliable and efficient approximation of polyconvex envelopes
  11:30-12:00   Brokate: On uniqueness in evolution quasivariational inequalities
  12:00-14:00   lunch
  14:00-15:00   Arndt, Griebel: Multiscale atomistic-continuum simulation of shape memory alloy
  15:00-15:20   coffee break
  15:20-15:50   Kastner: Molecular dynamic simulation of austenitic-martensitic phase transitions - entropic stabilisation
  15:50-16:20   Lelievre: Numerical analysis of micro-macro simulations of polymeric fluid in a Couette flow
  16:20-16:50   Kaiser: On finite volume methods for reaction-diffusion systems with discontinuous coefficients and mixed boundary conditions
  16:50-17:10   coffee break
  17:10-17:40   Flad: Multiscale diagramatic analysis
  17:40-18:10   Schneider: Wavelet Subspace Splitting
  19:30-   Conference Dinner

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  Time   Speaker and Titel
  9:00-10:00   Sauter: Lattice equations
  10:00-10:20   coffee break
  10:20-10:50   Eberhard: Coarse graining and multigrid for flow in porous media
  10:50-11:20   Graham: Computation of groundwater flow in hetereogeneous media
  11:20-11:40   coffee break
  11:40-12:20   Weikard: Numerics of the Cahn-Hilliard model with inhomogeneous elasticity
  12:20-12:50   Hackbusch: H-Matrix Techniques and Multi-Scale Problems
  13:10   closing of the workshop

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