Tensors and Optimization

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Max Planck Research Group on Tensors and Optimization

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The research in our group focuses on low-rank matrix and tensor approximation, with emphasis on numerical tensor calculus, nonlinear optimization methods, underlying approximability principles, as well as algebraic and geometric foundations. Our goal is to obtain a deeper understanding of low-rank models and methods, and their successful use in scientific computing and modern applications. Some keywords:

  • Tensors: geometry of low-rank varieties, tensor networks, higher-order singular values, tensor product operators
  • Approximation: functional analytic foundations, approximation rates, singular value estimates, spectral and nuclear norm
  • Optimization: block coordinate methods, truncated iterations, Riemannian optimization, rank adaptivity, optimization landscape
  • Applications: high-dimensional linear equations and eigenvalue problems, signal processing, dynamical low-rank approximation

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