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In recent years the need to include stochastic effects in the modelling of realistic material behaviour has become widely recognized in the physics and materials community, but implementing this idea poses formidable challenging both for theory and for computations. At the same time there has been large progress in the mathematical analysis of stochastic processes. However, the interaction between these developments has not been as strong as one would have hoped, partly due to a strong language barrier.



Stefan Adams

Jean-Bernard Bru

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Natalie Grunewald

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Illia Horenko

Biswajit Karmakar

John Maddocks

Eike Meerbach

Phillip Metzner

Stefan Müller

Oliver Penrose

Maria Reznikoff

Christof Schütte

Lev Truskinovsky

Eric Vanden-Eijnden

Eduard Vives

Jessika Walter

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