Research Spotlight

Putting current research center stage

Our institute represents a great variety of research topics that affect current developments both within the natural sciences as well as social and economic life. In our column Research Spotlight MiS scientists are presenting key ideas and giving insights into recent developments of their research in a short video format.

Research Spotlights

Markus Tempelmayr — A diagram-free approach to the stochastic estimates in regularity structures

We explore the version of Hairer's regularity structures based on a greedier index set than trees, as introduced by Otto, Sauer, Smith and Weber.
Research Spotlights

Claudia Fevola — KP Solitons from Tropical Limits

In this talk, we study solutions to the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation whose underlying algebraic curves undergo tropical degenerations.
Research Spotlights

Pablo Linares & Markus Tempelmayr — A tree-free construction of the structure group

We present a new approach to regularity structures, and in particular to the construction of the structure group, which replaces the tree-based framework of Hairer by a more Lie-geometric setting.
Research Spotlights

Stefan Hollands — General Relativity and Quantum Theory

In this short overview talk I outline some of my core research interests, ranging from Mathematical General Relativity, to Quantum Field- and Information Theory.