Bielefeld-Leipzig online seminar: Mathematics of Machine Learning

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In this online course we aim to get acquainted with some of the recent progress in the mathematical understanding and theory of machine learning. Particular emphasis will be laid upon overparametrization, implicit bias and aspects of unsupervised learning. The aim of the course is to get an overview of a series of recent articles and the methods developed therein. The course is directed to non experts with a solid background in mathematics aiming to get an idea of recent progress in the mathematics of machine learning. Active contribution in form of a presentation of a research paper (to be chosen) is required for each participant.
During the first five sessions of this course, an introduction to the field of (supervised and un-supervised) machine learning will be given.

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Wednesdays 16:15-17:45

01.10.22 31.01.23

Regular lectures Winter semester 2022-2023

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