Lecture course on optimal transport

  • Max von Renesse
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The course will be given as a topics/overview course with a lot of technical details omitted, in order to cover a maximal range of aspects. The lecture series will end with an optional one day in person seminar by students. Everyone is invited to attend either part.

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Friday 09.15 -- 10.45 CET, starting Oct 28.

Monge-Kantorovich problem, Kantorovich duality, Otto Calculus, Gradient Flows and JKO scheme, Ricci Curvature and Optimal Transport, Schrödinger Problem and Entropic Relaxation, Sinkhorn Iterative Scaling Algorithm, Diffusion Generative Models, Quantum Optimal Transport

01.10.22 31.01.23

Regular lectures Winter semester 2022-2023

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