My favorite elliptic hypergeometric integrals

  • Carlos Rodriguez (Uppsala University, Sweden)
E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal)


Tree-level scattering amplitudes of strings closely resemble Selberg integrals -- classical hypergeometric integrals. The twisted cohomology of Selberg integrals elucidates relations string amplitudes satisfy -- among them, the "double-copy" relations between scattering amplitudes of open & closed strings. Is there an elliptic analogue of Selberg integrals that, via twisted cohomology, tells us about the double-copy relations between one-loop string amplitudes?

Based on joint work with Rishabh Bhardwaj, Andrzej Pokraka and Lecheng Ren.

12.02.24 16.02.24

Positive Geometry in Particle Physics and Cosmology

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