Quantum thermal transport in circuits

  • Frédéric Pierre (Paris-Saclay University)
Hörsaal für Theoretische Physik Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)


Whereas the quantum transport of electricity is being actively investigated since morethan three decades, the flow of heat is more challenging to access. In particular, there
is no equivalent of the ammeter for the flow of heat. Only recently experimental observations are emerging, such as the universal thermal conductance quantum, or heat interferometry. After a general introduction of the field, I will present the experimental determination of the universal limit imposed to heat flow by quantum mechanics, and the observation of heat Coulomb blockade, a many-body quantum effect that can selectively apply to heat but not to electricity in violation of the standard Wiedemann-Franz law.

19.11.13 13.10.20

Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics and Geosciences

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