Spora motion in chemotaxis models

  • Juan Velazquez (Univ. Complutense de Madrid)
Großer Saal Alte Handelsbörse Leipzig (Leipzig)


In this talk I will describe some systems of partial differential equations that in a suitable asymptotic limit describe the motion of "spora-like" solutions. The considered system of equations becomes in a suitable limit case the well studied Keller-Segel system of chemotaxis. Is is known that such system of equations exhibits singular solutions that develop singularities in a finite time. The problem addressed in this talk is that of the continuation of the solutions after singularity formation. Asymptotic analysis indicates that the corresponding limit solutions are made of a singular part and a regular part. The singular part consists on a set of "sporae" containing a positive mass of microorganism concentrated in a small region. Evolution equation for these sporae as well as their limit behaviour for long times will be also discussed.

17.09.01 20.09.01

Genes, Cells, Populations - Mathematics and Biology

Alte Handelsbörse Leipzig Großer Saal

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A. v.Haeseler

Angela Stevens

A. Wakolbinger