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Magnetic Microstructures 01

Magnetic microstructures are at the core of many technological developments, in particular with recent advances in magnetoelectronic structures, high density recording and fast switching. At the same time magnetic materials provide an excellent and very well documented model system to study fundamental issues in multi-scale systems.
This workshop will bring together leading researches in experimental, analytical and numerical aspects of magnetic microstructures. It will have a very informal character with emphasis on exchanges across the usual disciplinary boundaries.
Topics will include

  • Magnetic Multilayers
  • Switching and fast magnetization processes
  • Modelling and mathematical tools for efficient analysis and computation of multiscale problems
  • Thermally activated processes
  • Computational advances including efficient solvers for the LLG equations, fast evaluation of the stray field energy, adaptivity and relaxation techniques

There will be an informal get together before the workshop on the evening of October 8 at 7.30 pm in the historical AUERBACH's KELLER in the centre of Leipzig.
There is no registration fee but to estimate numbers we would appreciate if you register.



François Alouges

Paris Sud

D. Berkov

Innovent Jena

A. Bogdanov

John Chapman


Antonio DeSimone

Weinan E

H. Forster

TU Wien

R. Hertel

MPI Halle

H. Kronmueller

MPI Metallforschung Stuttgart

J. M. Melenk


J. Miltat

Paris Sud

Felix Otto

Petr Plechac


P. Podio-Guidugli

Roma II

P. Rikvold

Florida State

R. Schäfer

IFW Dresden

Valeriy Slastikov


G. Steierl

MPI Halle

Eric Vanden Eijnden


Elena Vedmedenko

W. Wulfhekel

MPI Halle

Scientific Organizers

Antonio DeSimone

J. Kirschner

Robert Kohn

Stefan Müller

Felix Otto