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Regular lectures Summer semester 2015

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For rooms at the MPI MiS please note:
Use the entry doors Kreuzstr. 7a (rooms A3 01, A3 02) and Kreustr. 7c (room G3 10), both in the inner court yard, and go to the 3rd. floor.
To reach the Leibniz-Saal (E1 05, 1st. floor) and the Leon-Lichtenstein Room (E2 10, 2nd. floor) use the main entry Inselstr. 22.

Please remember: The doors will be opened 15 minutes before the lecture starts and closed after beginning of the lecture!

Previous Lectures in this Semester

01.04.15 Frank Bauer
Discrete geometric analysis
01.04.15 Julian Fischer
A Posteriori Modeling Error Estimates in Continuum Mechanics
01.04.15 Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi
Reinforcement Learning - An Introduction
01.04.15 Stephan Luckhaus, László Székelyhidi, Stefan Hollands
IMPRS Ringvorlesung: Summer semester 2015
01.04.15 Jürgen Jost
Topics in Riemannian and metric geometry
01.04.15 Ilona Kosiuk
Geometric methods for slow-fast dynamical systems: theory and applications
01.04.15 Andrea Marchese
Geometry of Euclidean Measures: Densities and Rectifibility
01.04.15 Rostislav Matveev
The Concentration of Measure Phenomenon
01.04.15 Felix Otto
Topics in stochastic partial differential equations
01.04.15 Sergey Tikhomirov
Smooth Dynamical Systems

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