Max Planck Fellow Group

Mathematical Software

We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge software that serves as a bridge between mathematical fields and interdisciplinary research areas. Our goal is to advance mathematical knowledge and make it more accessible to a wider audience.


Michael Joswig, Einstein-Professor of discrete mathematics and geometry at the Technical University of Berlin leads the mathematical software group at the institute. He was appointed Max Planck Fellow by the Max Planck Society in December 2019, which also marked the start of the new group. The Max Planck Fellow Programme promotes cooperation between outstanding university professors and Max Planck Society researchers.

Michael Joswig is a world leading expert in the field of polyhedral and geometric combinatorics as well as the development and integration of mathematical software. He is interested in all aspects of polyhedral, tropical and algorithmic geometry including topics such as optimization and combinatorial topology. One of his greatest scientific achievements is the design and development of the mathematical software system "polymake", a collaborative project which matured into a powerful and widely used system with a wide range of applications.

Joswig is an outspoken proponent of the usefulness and importance of mathematical software in all areas of mathematical research and beyond. Accordingly, the main focus of his newly founded group at the MiS will be the development of mathematical software. This specialized software should function as a bridge, not only between the mathematical fields, but also in an interdisciplinary-fashion to various areas of research. Thereby the mathematical software group will not only advance mathematical knowledge, but also make it more widely accessible.