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Fast Parallel Solution of Boundary Integral Equations and Related Problems

Mario Bebendorf and Ronald Kriemann


This article is concerned with the efficient numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations on a parallel computer with shared or distributed memory. Parallel algorithms for both, the approximation of the discrete operator by hierarchical matrices and the parallel matrix-vector multiplication of such matrices by a vector, are presented. The first algorithm has a complexity of order $\frac{1}{p} N \log^{2d-1}{N}$, while the latter is of order $\frac{1}{p} N\log^d{N}$, where $N$ and $p$ are the number of unknowns and the number of processors, respectively. The $\mathcal{H}$-approximant needs $\mathcal{O}(\frac{1}{p}N\log^d{N})$ units of storage on each processor.

MSC Codes:
65D05, 65D15, 65F05, 65F30
integral equations, hierarchical matrices, parallel solvers

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2005 Repository Open Access
Mario Bebendorf and Ronald Kriemann

Fast parallel solution of boundary integral equations and related problems

In: Computing and visualization in science, 8 (2005) 3/4, pp. 121-135