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Existence and Regularity for an Energy Maximization Problem in Two Dimensions

Spyridon Kamvissis and Evguenii Rakhmanov


We consider the variational problem of maximizing the weighted equilibrium Green's energy of a distribution of charges free to move in a subset of the upper half-plane, under a particular external field. We show that this problem admits a solution and that, under some conditions, this solution is regular in some strictly defined sense: it is an S-curve. The above problem appears in the theory of weak dispersive limits of integrable equations. In particular, its solution provides a justification of a crucial step in the asymptotic theory of steepest descent for the associated Riemann-Hilbert problems.

semiclassical nls, maximal equilibrium energy problem, s-curve

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2005 Repository Open Access
Spyridon Kamvissis and Evguenii A. Rakhmanov

Existence and regularity for an energy maximization problem in two dimensions

In: Journal of mathematical physics, 46 (2005) 8, p. 083505