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Approximation of $1/x$ by Exponential Sums in $[1,\infty)$

Dietrich Braess and Wolfgang Hackbusch


Approximations of $1/x$ by sums of exponentials are well studied for finite intervals. Here the error decreases like $\mathcal{O}(\exp(-ck))$ with the order $k$ of the exponential sum. In this paper we investigate approximations of $1/x$ on the interval $[1,\infty)$. We prove estimates of the error by $\mathcal{O}(\exp(-c\sqrt{k}))$ and confirm this asymptotic estimate by numerical results. Numerical results lead to the conjecture that the constant in the exponent equals $c=\pi\sqrt{2}.$

MSC Codes:
11L07, 41A50
exponential sums, approximation of functions

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2005 Repository Open Access
Dietrich Braess and Wolfgang Hackbusch

Approximation of \(1/x\) by exponential sums in \([1,\infty)\)

In: IMA journal of numerical analysis, 25 (2005) 4, pp. 685-697