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Stability theorems for chiral bag boundary conditions

Peter B. Gilkey and Klaus Kirsten


We study asymptotic expansions of the smeared $L^2$-traces $Fe^{-t P^2}$ and $FPe^{-tP^2}$, where $P$ is an operator of Dirac type and $F$ is an auxiliary smooth endomorphism. We impose chiral bag boundary conditions depending on an angle $\theta$. Studying the $\theta$-dependence of the above trace invariants, $\theta$-independent pieces are identified. The associated stability theorems allow one to show the regularity of the eta function for the problem and to determine the most important heat kernel coefficient on a four dimensional manifold.

MSC Codes:
bag boundary conditions, operator of dirac type, zeta and eta invariants, variational formulas

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2005 Repository Open Access
Peter B. Gilkey and Klaus Kirsten

Stability theorems for chiral bag boundary conditions

In: Letters in mathematical physics, 73 (2005) 2, pp. 147-163