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Nonlinear multigrid for the solution of large scale Riccati equations in low-rank and $\cal H$-matrix format

Lars Grasedyck


The algebraic matrix Riccati equation $AX + XA^{T} - XFX + C = 0$, where the matrices $A,B,C,F\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times n}$ are given and a solution $X\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times n}$ is sought, plays a fundamental role in optimal control problems. Large scale systems typically appear if the constraint is described by a partial differential equation. We provide a nonlinear multigrid algorithm that computes the solution $X$ in a data-sparse low rank format and has a complexity of ${\cal O}(n)$, provided that $F$ and $C$ are of low rank and $A$ is the Finite Element or Finite Difference discretisation of an elliptic PDE.

We indicate how to generalise the method to $\cal H$-matrices $C,F$ and $X$ that are only blockwise of low rank and thus allow a broader applicability with a complexity of ${\cal O}(n\log(n)^c)$. The method can as well be applied for unstructured and dense matrices $C$ and $X$ in order to solve the Riccati equation in ${\cal O}(n^2)$.

MSC Codes:
65F05, 65F30, 65F50
data-sparse approximation, riccati equation, low rank approximation, multigrid method, hierarchical matrices

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2008 Repository Open Access
Lars Grasedyck

Nonlinear multigrid for the solution of large scale Riccati equations in low-rank and \(\mathscr {H}\)-matrix format

In: Numerical linear algebra with applications, 15 (2008) 9, pp. 779-807