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Modular invariance for conformal full field algebras

Yi-Zhi Huang and Liang Kong


Let $V^{L}$ and $V^{R}$ be simple vertex operator algebras satisfying certain natural uniqueness-of-vacuum, complete reducibility and cofiniteness conditions and let $F$ be a conformal full field algebra over $V^{L}\otimes V^{R}$. We prove that the $q_{\tau}$-$\overline{q_{\tau}}$-traces (natural traces involving $q_{\tau}=e^{2\pi i\tau}$ and $\overline{q_{\tau}}=\overline{e^{2\pi i\tau}}$) of geometrically modified genus-zero correlation functions for $F$ are convergent in suitable regions and can be extended to doubly periodic functions with periods $1$ and $\tau$.

We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for these functions to be modular invariant. In the case that $V^{L}=V^{R}$ and $F$ is one of those constructed by the authors in (Y.-Z. Huang and L. Kong, Full field algebras, to appear; math.QA/0511328), we prove that all these functions are modular invariant.


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2010 Repository Open Access
Yi-Zhi Huang and Liang Kong

Modular invariance for conformal full field algebras

In: Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 362 (2010) 6, pp. 3027-3067