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On Generalized Sundman Transformation Method, First Integrals and Solutions of Painlevé-Gambier Type Equations

Partha Guha, Anindya Ghose Choudhury and Barun Khanra


We employ generalized Sundman transformation method to obtain certain new first integrals of autonomous second-order ordinary differential equations belonging to the Painlevé-Gambier classification scheme. In particular this method yields systematically both known and unknown first integrals of a large number of the autonomous Painlevé-Gambier equations.

MSC Codes:
34C14, 34C20
Painlev\'e-Gambier, first integrals, Jacobi equation

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2010 Repository Open Access
Partha Guha, Barun Khanra and Anindya Ghose Choudhury

On generalized Sundman transformation method, first integrals and solutions of Painlevé-Gambier type equations

In: Nonlinear analysis / A, 72 (2010) 7/8, pp. 3247-3257