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A Regularized Newton method for the Efficient Approximation of Tensors Represented in the Canonical Tensor Format

Mike Espig and Wolfgang Hackbusch


In the present survey, we consider a rank approximation algorithm for tensors represented in the canonical format in arbitrary pre-Hilbert tensor product spaces. It is shown that the original approximation problem is equivalent to a finite dimensional $\ell_2$ minimization problem. The $\ell_2$ minimization problem is solved by a regularized Newton method which requires the computation and evaluation of the first and second derivative of the objective function. A systematic choice of the initial guess for the iterative scheme is introduced. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated in numerical experiments.

tensor representation, canonical tensor format, regularized Newton method

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2012 Repository Open Access
Mike Espig and Wolfgang Hackbusch

A regularized Newton method for the efficient approximation of tensors represented in the canonical tensor format

In: Numerische Mathematik, 122 (2012) 3, pp. 489-525