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Omori-Yau maximum principles, V-harmonic maps and their geometric applications

Qun Chen, Jürgen Jost and Hongbing Qiu


We establish a V-Laplacian comparison theorem under the Bakry--Emery Ricci condition and then give various Omori--Yau type maximum principles on complete noncompact manifolds. We also obtain Liouville theorems for $V$-harmonic maps. We apply these findings to Ricci solitons and self-shrinkers.

MSC Codes:
58E20, 53C27
Omori-Yau maximum principle, V-Laplacian, V-harmonic map, Ricci soliton, self-shrinker

Related publications

2014 Repository Open Access
Qun Chen, Jürgen Jost and Hongbing Qiu

Omori-Yau maximum principles, \(V\)-harmonic maps and their geometric applications

In: Annals of global analysis and geometry, 46 (2014) 3, pp. 259-279