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Asymmetric domain walls of small angle in soft ferromagnetic films

Lukas Döring and Radu Ignat


We focus on a special type of domain walls appearing in the Landau-Lifshitz theory for soft ferromagnetic films. These domain walls are divergence-free S2-valued transition layers that connect two directions in S2 (differing by an angle 2θ) and minimize the Dirichlet energy. Our main result is the rigorous derivation of the asymptotic structure and energy of such "asymmetric" domain walls in the limit θ to 0. As an application, we deduce that a supercritical bifurcation causes the transition from symmetric to asymmetric walls in the full micromagnetic model.

MSC Codes:
49S05, 49J45, 78A30, 35B32, 35B36
micromagnetics, transition layer, gamma-convergence, S2-harmonic maps, spectral gap, Eikonal equation

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2016 Repository Open Access
Lukas Döring and Radu Ignat

Asymmetric domain walls of small angle in soft ferromagnetic films

In: Archive for rational mechanics and analysis, 220 (2016) 2, pp. 889-936