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Computing zero-dimensional tropical varieties via projections

Paul Görlach, Yue Ren and Leon Zhang


We present an algorithm for computing zero-dimensional tropical varieties using projections. Our main tools are fast unimodular transforms of lexicographical Gröbner bases. We prove that our algorithm requires only a polynomial number of arithmetic operations if given a Gröbner basis, and we demonstrate that our implementation compares favourably to other existing implementations. Applying it to the computation of general positive-dimensional tropical varieties, we argue that the complexity for calculating tropical links is dominated by the complexity of the Gröbner walk.

MSC Codes:
14T05, 13P10, 13P15, 68W30
tropical geometry, tropical varieties, computer algebra

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2022 Journal Open Access
Paul Görlach, Yue Ren and Leon Zhang

Computing zero-dimensional tropical varieties via projections

In: Computational complexity, 31 (2022) 1, p. 5