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Group actions and Monotone Metric Tensors: The qubit case

Florio Maria Ciaglia and Fabio Di Nocera


In recent works, a link between group actions and information metrics on the space of faithful quantum states has been highlighted in particular cases. In this contribution, we give a complete discussion of this instance for the particular case of the qubit.

Quantum Information Geometry, Lie algebra, Monotone metrics

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2021 Repository Open Access
Florio M. Ciaglia and Fabio Di Nocera

Group actions and monotone metric tensors : the qubit case

In: Geometric science of information : 5th international conference, GSI 2021, Paris, France, July 21-23, 2021, proceedings / Frank Nielsen... (eds.)
Cham : Springer, 2021. - pp. 145-153
(Lecture notes in computer science ; 12829)