Regularization by noise and path-by-path uniqueness for SDEs and SPDEs

  • Oleg Butkovskij (Israel Institute of Technology)
G3 10 (Lecture hall)


It is well known from the literature that ordinary differential equations (ODEs) regularize in the presence of noise. Even if an ODE is "very bad" and has no solutions (or has multiple solutions), then the addition of a random noise leads almost surely to a "nice" ODE with a unique solution. The first part of the talk will be devoted to SDEs with distributional drift driven by alpha-stable noise. These equations are not well-posed in the classical sense. We define a natural notion of a solution to this equation and show its existence and uniqueness whenever the drift belongs to a certain negative Besov space. This generalizes results of E. Priola (2012) and extends to the context of stable processes the classical results of A. Zvonkin (1974) as well as the more recent results of R. Bass and Z.-Q. Chen (2001).

In the second part of the talk we investigate the same phenomenon for a 1D heat equation with an irregular drift. We prove existence and uniqueness of the flow of solutions and, as a byproduct of our proof, we also establish path-by-path uniqueness. This extends recent results of A. Davie (2007) to the context of stochastic partial differential equations.

[1] O. Butkovsky, L. Mytnik (2016). Regularization by noise and flows of solutions for a stochastic heat equation. arXiv 1610.02553. To appear in Annal. Probab.
[2] S. Athreya, O. Butkovsky, L. Mytnik (2018). Strong existence and uniqueness for stable stochastic differential equations with distributional drift. arXiv 1801.03473.

(Joint work with Siva Athreya & Leonid Mytnik).